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Justin has been my personal trainer for two years. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to design and customize training programs for each of his clients. He has helped me overcome lower back pain issues and significantly improve my core strength and overall conditioning. I would recommend Justin to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer who really knows his stuff and will help you reach your fitness and conditioning goals.
Harvey R.

Justin developed a well tailored regimen specific to my needs and goals. Whenever there was a concern of mine, he addressed it in a timely fashion and worked with me using his expertise, experience, and education to find the best possible solution. I highly recommend his services!
Paul L.

Justin is an excellent trainer. My training sessions are individualized to my needs and wants and are complemented by his knowledge and experience to include what I should be focusing on but was not aware of; balance, core exercises and endurance training. He champions my success with nutritional guidance, helpful emails, texts and videos. I would highly recommend T.J.C. Performance to anyone interested in a personalized training program with awesome results!
Diane W.

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